About Alex

Alex Barrett

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1963, Alex Barrett has been actively working in metal sculpture since the age of fourteen. As an apprentice to his father, Bill Barrett, Alex developed the ability to bring an idea to life and gained an intimate knowledge of fabrication.

He works in the abstract, beginning with a concept. From that concept comes a drawing and from the drawing a sculpture.

It is from the spaces that enliven and reflect nature that true synthesis is formed. Beauty evolves from a seed to a full blooming idea. Being able to reflect and represent this in sculpture is inherent in what Alex creates.

Many of his sculptures become monumental pieces, but all begin with a small maquette. The maquettes are fabricated from sheet bronze, and most are single edition artist proofs.

Unlike most bronze artists, Alex’s work is typically not cast, but is created; cut, joined, inflated, and soldered by the artist’s hands. In the process of creating a maquette, Alex establishes techniques to execute the piece on a larger scale.

The monumental pieces are built with aluminum and are powder-coated to withstand outdoor conditions. Some surfaces are fabricated by soldering or manipulating the metal with heat while other portions are inflated to resemble mylar. All are created with durable construction and smooth edges to encourage interaction with the work.

Alex’s work has been published in the New York Times, THE Magazine, and newspapers throughout the country. His work is on public display at the University of Chattanooga in Tennessee and at various locations in Santa Fe, New Mexico where it has received high media attention. His massive 20’x5′ wall sculpture, Alchemy, was selected for inclusion in the SITE Santa Fe New Year’s installation to ring in 2007. He has exhibited in Switzerland, Chicago, New York, Santa Fe, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, California, Tennessee, Alabama, and Connecticut to date.